WaterVitt UV / Ozone - Waterprocessing - Systems

Advantages in comparison to standard technology:

High reflection rate of the inner aluminum surfaces!
  • WaterVitt equipments use aluminum which has a reflection rate up to 85%.
  • The product is distinguished by small dimensions and has high power of emitters.
  • Conventional equipments use synthetic material (no reflection), or stainless steel (only 25% reflection rate).

Highest effectiveness!
  • After 0,3 seconds water is 100% germ-free with WaterVitt-equipments.
  • There are still germs in water even after 70 seconds in conventional equipments.
Strong swirl of water!
  • This causes degermination of soiled water.
  • Water does not have to be pretreated.

The radiators are located in the open air space of the reactor!
  • Ideal ambient temperature of the radiators.
  • Warm water can be degerminated.
  • Therefore additional cooling can be added.

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Sample applications

WaterVitt Procedure
Unlike most of the other equipments, the radiation source is not aquatic during the WaterVitt-Procedure. It is arranged externally to a quartz glass tube surrounded by water.
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Relieable Technology
Comparison of all methods
Simple cleaning!
  • Rinsing with acid is not necessary.
  • No use of chemicals and no disposal problems.
  • An ordinary bottle brush will do if cleansing is still required.

Ozone formation as an available option!
  • Degermination and ozone formation in one equipment.
  • No additional energy input needed.
  • Biofilms are prevented and reduced.
  • Organic compounds are oxidated. (CSB, TOC, AOX
    CKW, pesticides, surfactants etc. ). Decoloration and
    dissolution of emulsions.

Minor electric power consumption!
  • Photo-voltaic operation is therefore possible!

When microorganisms are exposed to UV-rays, the cell nucleus will be affected so that reproduction is prevented..
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Application areas
The WaterVitt technology is used for reducing germs in hot water tanks, fountain water purification, disinfection of airwashers and a lot more..
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