WaterVitt procedure Innovative Water-Degermination-Equipment

Cost-efficient and robust disinfection-equipment
UV-equipments for disinfecting drinking-, process- and waste-water are being used for some years now. The equipments on the market are used for water-amounts in the m³-range. Problems result of contaminations of the lamps in the water.
An equipment was developed for small water-amounts which is insensitive to contaminations through improvements in systems engineering.
Water-disinfection with UV-radiance is an inexpensive and nonpolluting method because the use of chemicals is not required.
Wolfgang Vitt’s goal was the development of a water-disinfecting equipment for small water amounts.
He developed an equipment in corporation with GTZ and ESWE Versorgungs-AG in Wiesbaden. Unlike most of the aquatic equipments, the radiation source of his equipment is arranged externally to a quartz glass tube surrounded by water. Therefore an extensive cleaning of the lamps is not required. Additionally, an ideal operating temperature is guaranteed due to the air cooling. Further technical details..
The multiple patented equipment is currently being used for degermination of hot water tanks, fountain water purification and disinfection of airwashers. The equipment is also ideal for drinking water disinfection in Third World Countries: the equipments’ eletric overall performance is very low. It can be operated with a photovoltaics-equipment and a battery.

Air conditioning plants:
Unit for decomposing microbiological loads in air conditioning plants.
This unit is based on reliable WaterVitt-technology and is used for disinfection in the following areas:
  • Circulation water in airwashers and humidifiers.
  • Cooling water circuits and heat exchangers.
  • Reservoirs.
  • Self-acting flushing in piping.
Schematic operating mode of the " WaterVitt AC " :
Reliable advantages of the WaterVitt-system:
  • Innovative reflection-construction enables low power consumption with simultaneous high efficiency.
  • Minor loss of power of the emitters at heightened water-temperatures.
  • For the first time a disinfection is possible at temperatures over 60° C. Conventional systems permit a maximum of 30° C.
  • No cleaning necessary. Even complicated rinsing with acid as well as storing dangerous chemicals is not necessary.
  • The explicit regulations according to the German VDI 6022 are complied with.
Functional characteristics:
Water is pumped through a quartzglass-tube which is located inside an aluminum tube. Low pressure UVC-emitters are arranged around the quartzglass-tube which emit a wavelength of 253,7 nm. The radiance destroys the germs’ DNA and prevents its cell division. Special O³ - Emitters establish a radiance with wavelength lower than 200 nm, which produce free Ozone-radicals out of induced atmospheric oxygen. Ozone is one of the strongest oxidants. It reduces environmental toxicants, prevents biofilms and includes a temporary repository effect before it decomposes into oxygen again. Another advantage of Ozone is that it even destroys germs and is much more effective than Chorine. Contact with dangerous chemicals is not applicable. Regarding airwashers, an optimized conductometry with self-acting desalination can be carried out.