WaterVitt procedure Questions / FAQ

Which equipment would you recommend for household use?
Generally, we advise our customers to purchase the unit “Industry” for the entire household. This equipment even covers potential maximum water-usage and, like all WaterVitt-equipments, protects water against bacteria e.g. E.coli bacteria, legionella, H5N1 and many more.
Who installs the equipment? A plumber? Self-employment?
Set-up can be made by any installer / electrical specialist. Practically, a piece of tubing has to be flexed in the length of the unit. Then suitable connectors are set and the the equipment is installed. Mounting guidelines can be added by request.
Does the lamp burn continually?
The lamp burns once the equipment ist attached to the power supply system. It has to burn continually or else the UV-C lamp cannot obtain its required degermination capacity. Due to the minimal activity input, the power consumption of 16 watt per year is very low (approx. 15 Euros/year ( 20 Dollars/year )).
Can the UV-equipment be used in swimming pool areas?
You do not need to add Chlorine when using the WaterVitt-unit “Industry”. WaterVitt units are also able to produce the maintenance-free byproduct Ozone at no charge after remodelling and upgrade. This Ozone can be added to the water temporarily. So then you can quit the addition of Chlorine completely. If you give us the volume flow of the pump, we can offer you mounting recommendations.