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WaterVitt is constantly under further development and is vastly superior in innovation, technology and team-spirit contrary to other companies.

Many hospitals are already equipped with this technology and benefit from the water-purity as well as carefree waste water treatment.


WaterVitt has developed new technologies and is now capable of oxidating chemical compounds in water. This contains various pharmaceutical residues and carbon compounds among others -> TOC-Value. (TOC – “Total organic carbon”. Parameter for the analysation of water. With the help of this value it is possible to judge the quality of different aqueous media. The TOC is a so called sumparameter and stands for bound organic carbon inside the water. The determination of the TOC results indirectly from the measurement of CO2, which is formed by complete oxidation of the organic water contents.) Abstract and problem-solution under Problem solution.


The current threat of a possible infection with the H5N1- resp. bird flu virus through an uptake of contaminated water is increasing. For example, the virus in bird droppings runs through the roofs into the cisterns. Plausible causes for an infection are a lack of hygiene and breathing in contaminated dust particles resp. water vapor. The virus survives in water at 56 °C for only 3 hours and at 22 °C at least 4 days. However, the recommended room temperature for cisterns is under 15 °C. Soiled water in rainwater-storage-tanks resp. cisterns can be purified effectively with UV-equipments. In this case, WaterVitt’s highly effective procedure for destroying germs can be applied and therefore offers effective protection against Influenza-Viruses. The "Eco“ -device is a solution and protects against a wide range of germs.