Degermination methods Problem solution

Indirect dischargers in the range of food production have highly contaminated wastewaters which contain a high ratio of organic substances. Therefore CSB (TOC, BSB5) are extremely high.
Normally clean waters show a TOC-level of 1 - 2 mg/l. The level rises seldom over 10 mg/l in areas of highly contaminated or polluted wastewaters.
The contamination of drinking-water as well as wastewater through pharmaceuticals appear in surface waters, often with a summation concentration of over a µ g/l and frequently in surface- or wastewater-affected ground waters. Clinical wastewater show higher concentrations of various antibiotics.
The main contamination source resp. the main entry phase for pharmaceutical substances in surface waters and ground waters is municipal wastewater. Loading of surface waters is extensive depending on the amount of wastewater whereas single substance concentrations of over 0,5 µg/l may occur.
Pharmaceuticals with high persistence and mobility are relevant in drinking water abstraction from surface-water affected groundwaters (bank filtrate and artificial groundwater recharge).
WaterVitt has found an appealing solution for indirect dischargers as well as for public sewerage systems. WaterVitt-equipments work with:
Ozonization is very effective for oxidation of pharmaceutical micro elements. (Disinfection, decolorization, CSB-Decomposition, odor elimination, reduction of worms, decomposition of pharmaceuticals and other persistent substances, etc... Thereby toxicity-reduction and bioavailability-increase.
Photolysis, UV and ozone in combination lead to an almost thorough elimination of germs.
Processing procedures are provided by this to prevent drinking water loads through pharmaceuticals.
Our proposition:
We can offer customized solutions in areas of wastewater plants as well as industry through hard work. We are available for consultations where we can establish an attractive proposition and show what could be the best solution for your application area. Benefit from the competence, experience and performance of the WaterVitt-Team.